Our Community Policy

Our Community Policy

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In our quest to bring about far reaching social and environmental changes towards a better world, we rely strongly on the important tool of simple, open and honest communication.

We accept that everyone is entitled to express their opinion in the hope that we can find common ground. We always seek to find ways to compromise that allows us all move forwards together towards
a brighter future.

It is for this reason that the comments sections of our stories are such an important safe space where all
of us, even those who don’t share our vision, can converse and exchange ideas with one another.

We appreciate debate and discussion as we believe that is often where the best ideas come from. We really like to see people genuinely standing up for what they believe in and having the opportunity to
listen to new ideas or new ways of looking at a problem. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that these
conversations must be both honest and respectful if they are to be productive.

In view of this, we are asking everyone who wishes to contribute to the conversations happening on this
website – which includes all of those posting on behalf of IBIF – to follow these simple rules:

 Speak the truth
 Be honest about your identity and the reason why you are here. If you are representing any corporate or government interest, or if you are being paid for the views you are expressing or if you have a conflict of interest, you are most welcome to contribute to the conversation. However, please do let everyone know that is the case, so that they get the context behind what you are saying.
 Be civil and respectful in what you have to say. If you would not want it said to you, then please do not say it to someone else. That simply means that there should be no discriminatory comments, no personal attacks, no foul language, no defamatory statements and no incitement to violence.
 Give everyone the fair chance to participate. Here, you must know that we may remove posts if you unnecessarily make multiple posts one after another; so do not overdo the conversation.
 Do not stray away but stay focused on the topic being discussed, as this would help all the other people who wish to be involved in this conversation.
 Talk, but don’t sell. This is a space to debate important issues, so please refrain from commercial activities or mass promotions as we have a zero tolerance policy for spam.

If only you follow these rules, then we will not ban you or delete your comments just because we disagree with what you are saying.

We earnestly believe that free speech and the open exchange of ideas is absolutely important, so we actively work to defend it. That means, if we identify that you are simply here as a troll or are trying to misrepresent yourself, we will take the necessary steps to protect the spirit of this community. These steps may include deleting your comments, or editing your comment to remove promotional content, or closing threads or even banning your accounts. We may also turn off commenting for specific posts, or site wide, if we come to believe that there is a concerted attack being made.

We also encourage any community member who believes that someone has acted in the way we have
just described, to report such activity to our Webmaster.

We constantly try to ensure that everything on our website is accurate and consistent with our views and values. However, since the content and the comments left by community members are written by ordinary people just like you, we only hope you will understand that they do not necessarily represent
the views of our IBIF organisation. If you are looking for the official word from IBIF, please see our press
releases, publications and issue pages or contact our Press Desk.

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